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Platinum Box VIII

Hi everyone, I'm sorry I haven't posted here for a couple of months. I was thinking about not continuing with my journal, for a lot of reasons. But I've been doing this for about 5 years now, and I see that there are over a thousand people reading it, and I'm not sure if I want to give up on it yet. For now, I might just say that I won't be posting as often as I once did. I don't think it'll matter too much, as there are so many people writing about Gackt news these days, which I'm happy to see. If anyone has any opinions about this, please let me know, and thanks to everyone who's sent me messages already (and I'm sorry that I'm not always too good with responding).

Anyway, I just wanted to post some pictures from PBVIII, as I've done in previous years for some of the others (the pictures for PBVII & PBVI are still up, if anyone's interested; I seem to have missed PBV, and the PBIV links aren't working anymore). It came out in December for fanclub members, and last week for everyone else, at Amazon. I love it; I think the Platinum Boxes are always great, although they are a bit expensive. We see a lot of Job in this one, especially You-kun. Anyway, I hope this will be useful to those of you who haven't seen it yet ^^

Some pictures & screencaps~Collapse )

龍の化身 & N/S EYES ON

I wanted to scan the photobook & the N/S EYES ON magazine, but I just got them today as I was leaving to go on holidays. So I don't have a scanner, but I took a couple of pictures. Anyway, I hope some of you have received the photobook today too, because it's very pretty ^^

This NS EYES ON magazine seems to be sold out at Amazon already (I think it was actually in the top 10 highest selling books at one stage). It's not really one of my favourite photoshoots, anyway. A lot of the photos are very dark & you can't see Gack too well, & they're mostly of him in some industrial area, smoking, with grease on his face & nails through his hands O.o There's an interview with Gackt, and interviews with Ogata Ken & Hisaaki Wakaizumi about him.

The 龍の化身 photobook is beautiful, and everyone should buy it! You can get it at Amazon. It's huge, and has some of the nicest pictures of Gackt I've seen. It also has an interview with Gackt, & a prologue/interview with Ogata Ken.

[Edit] As you may have noticed, I'm taking a break from my journal at the moment. I'll post more soon.

Fuurin Kazan - Video Message

Gackt's video message is now up at the fuurin kazan site.

There doesn't seem to be much news about the concert in China. It's mentioned briefly at NHK News & Hokkaido Shimbun. I was looking around some Chinese fan forums, & there are some very nice pictures at this one, posted by 'Devil_Shun':

(I think it says it's ok to re-post them, but not to hotlink? Someone tell me if I'm wrong about that!) Anyway, you can see all of the pictures at the forum here. Thanks to 'Devil_Shun' ^^ Gackt always seems to be wearing the same outfit lately. At least his hair looks nice again. I think he performed the Chinese version of December Love Song. If anyone knows any more about it, please let us know~ ^^


There are lots of updates at the fuurin kazan site today~

-大河三昧: Gackt has written in the fuurin kazan staff blog again.

-クローズアップ 政虎、関東出兵のてんまつ: There are a few pictures of Gackt/Kenshin on this 'close up' page.

-フォトギャラリー 上杉政虎(謙信): The Uesugi photo gallery is now up, with a lot of pictures of Gackt ^^

Photo gallery~Collapse )

Also, the magazines section of the community site has been updated:

11/29「FOOL'S MATE」1月号
11/29「ARENA37℃ SPECIAL」vol.40

[Edit]: The staff blog was updated again tonight with a couple of pictures from the rehearsal in China.

Also, this NHK出版 site has some pictures up from Gackt's new photobook!

龍の化身Collapse )

China & 「龍の化身」 Press Conference

This was just posted at the staff blog: Gackt at the Narita Airport lounge, about to go to China for the Japan-China Culture and Sports Exchange Year grand finale concert in Beijing tomorrow, 11/29.

Nell & You also wrote about it in their blogs. (I'm not sure if the new drummer, Minami, will be there this time, but he wrote about the performance in Korea in his diary a few days ago).

Does anyone know when the concert will be shown on TV in China? According to the community site, it won't be shown in Japan until Christmas Eve. Hopefully we'll all be able to see it soon, anyway~

There are some news articles about Gackt's press conference yesterday at oricon, pakila, sanspo, nikkan sports, jijicom, chunichi, & daily sports. There's also n article at mainichi which has a lot of pictures.

Pictures from Oricon, Pakila & MainichiCollapse )


There was a press conference today for Gackt's new book, 「龍の化身」, out on 11/30. So there should be news articles around about it soon~ Apparently 20,000 copies of the book have already been pre-ordered. (I actually got an email from Amazon saying that it had been delayed, so hopefully not for too long).

The picture is from the staff blog. They also posted another entry earlier today to say that the new album has now been finished ^^


Just wanted to remind everyone that Gackt's performing at the 「2007 Mnet KM MUSIC FESTIVAL」 in Korea tonight~

Apparently you can watch it live online at the mnet site (if you aren't able to watch it on TV). It starts in about an hour, and there's a countdown happening at the mnet site if you want to check when it's on. It goes from 7pm to 11pm (Korean time).

The staff blog was just updated before, with a picture of Gackt & the band & dancers backstage at the festival~ And they also mentioned something about Gackt having to walk on the red carpet at the festival ^^

[Edit] I don't know if anyone else has managed to do it, but I don't think it's possible to watch this online. To watch it at the mnet site, it seems that you have to register, and to register, you need a Korean residence registration number. That's always the way it is with Korean sites, unfortunately. I don't know why they mentioned the internet broadcast at Gackt.com though, if no one outside of Korea is able to watch it >.>


Gackt's in this magazine, N/S EYES ON, out on 11/27~

You can buy it at Amazon.
Another update at the community site: There's an interview with Gackt & some pictures up at the Apple Japan site~

It's partly about the itunes event on 10/23, but it must be a more recent interview, as he also mentions his new album. And I think he talks about receiving offers to perform in various European countries, but says that it might be difficult to do concerts of the same quality overseas... There are also more pictures & a video (although I can't get the video to work) from the itunes event at the BIGLOBE site.

Apparently Gackt is going to be on the cover of the 11/30 issue of NHKウィークリーステラ, out on 11/21, and there are a couple of pictures of him up at the site~

[Edit] New album cover up at Amazon~